Staplex® No. PM10-SSI
PM10 Size Selective Sampling Inlet

  • for use with Staplex® High Volume Air Sampling Systems
  • separates thoracic particles smaller that 10 micron aerodynamic diameter
  • meets U.S. EPA Reference Method specifications
  • Made in U.S.A.

The Staplex® PM10-SSI Size Selective inlet, used with Staplex® High Volume Air Sampler, 8" x 10' Filter Holder Assembly and Aluminum Outdoor Shelter and other available accessories, samples suspended particulates in the air at 40 ACFM (1.13 ACMM) through a circumferential inlet.

The symmetrical design insures wind-direction insensitivity. The Inlet design and internal configuration makes the collection efficiency independent of wind speed form 0 to 36 kilometers per hour. The air is accelerated though nine circular internal acceleration nozzles. By virtue of their larger momentum, particles greater than 10 micron aerodynamic diameter impact onto a greased impaction shim.

The PM10 particles of interest, that is those particles smaller than or equal to 10 microns, are carried vertically upward by the air flow and sown sixteen vent tubes to the 8 x 10 Quartz Fiber Filter (Staplex® Type TFAQ810), where they are collected for gravimetric airborne concentration analysis. The weight increase of the filter paper is considered the mass of PM10 particles collected. The mass concentration of PM10 particles is determined by dividing the particulate mass by the volume of air sampled.

Particles larger than 10 microns settle out of the impaction chamber on a collection shim and are removed when the collection shim is cleaned during prescribed maintenance periods.

PM10-SSI Specifications:

Net weight: 50-lbs. (22.7 kg)

Size: 28 (72 cm) diameter x 19 (48.3 cm) high

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Staplex® No. PM-2.5SSI
PM2.5 Size Selective Sampling Inlet

For non-reference method high volume sampling similar in operating principle to PM10 except for particles smaller than PM2.5 aerodynamic diameter collect on the quartz sampling filter

Also available as PM2.5-SSIRFK Retro Fit Kit for PM10 Air Sampling systems