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TSP-1NB and TSP-2NB Brushless Total Suspended Particulate Air Sampler System

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Staplex Model TSP-1NB and TSP-2NB Brushless Total Suspended Particulate High Volume Air Sampling System is designed for fast, accurate collection of suspended particulates in accordance to U.S. EPA specifications.

These complete air sampling systems, available with various modular accessories, are designed to meet the EPA requirements for sampling airborne particulates at a known flow rate for a determined amount of time, allowing for proper calculation of airborne particulate concentrations.

The basic TSP Brushless Air Sampling System includes Staplex Brushless High Volume Air Sampler (Model TFIA-NB 110-120 VAC or Model TFIA-2NB 220-230 VAC); SH810 8" x 10" Filter Holder Assembly and SAM Aluminum Outdoor Shelter.

A Constant Flow Controller (Model FC-1NB or Model FC-2NB) maintains air flow through the system at a constant rate, automatically correcting for variations in filter loading, line voltage, temperature and pressure and providing displays for instantaneous flow rate and total flow.

Separate 7-day digital timers to turn the system on and off at preset times and elapsed timers indicators are optional accessories.

Model FR-1 and FR-2 Flow Recorders are optional accessories to make a record of flow rate on a circular chart during the sampling time.